The MLG Membership:

The membership of the MLG consists of:

Ordinary member
To be eligible for this class of membership, a candidate must have a demonstratable interest the liver and / or liver health based upon:
• Clinical practice and/or
• Research output

Honorary members
To be eligible for this class of membership, candidates must either:
• Possess one of the qualifications stated in the MLG constitution-Article 4 but do not want to become ordinary members, or
• Individuals, such as professors, lecturers, and so on, in health care and other fields who are considered by the MLG Management Committee as being of eminent standing in the medical or broader community.
The Management Committee invites Honorary Members. Honorary members will not be required to pay membership fee, but will have all the privileges as ordinary members, and will be excluded from voting and holding executive positions of the Association.

Student Membership
To be eligible for this class of membership, candidates must:
• Be undergoing advanced training in Gastroenterology and/or Hepatology, or
• Be employed as a Fellow for the purposes of training as a specialist in Gastroenterology, or
• Be enrolled in a higher degree (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or MD or equivalent) with relevance to the purpose of MLG as outlined in the MLG constitution.

For new membership applicants; all categories of membership require a nomination of membership by an existing ordinary member and that application needs to be approved by the President, or if the President is unable to ratify, then the secretary.
Additional membership details, including rights of members, ceasing membership are available here.